Welcome to the Mendon Conservation League!

Our club was formed by a group of local men looking for a place to shoot together. Founded in 1956 and formally incorporated in 1961, membership rose to 40. A modest club house was built around 1957 and expanded in 1986 with the addition of a large front porch. Formal shooting forms have been added to the skeet and trap fields. Today with a membership well over 250 and "espirit de corps" second to none, the Mendon Conservation League will continue to be one of the best clubs in the area.

Hunting Reminders

Reminder we ask all members to stay on MCL property. We do not need irritated neighbors because we are not obeying property laws.

Please remember to sign in and out on the sheet on the soda machine inside the clubhouse.

Locking the Gate and Clubhouse

Recently the club house door and gate have been left unlocked either because someone forgot or they did not know how to lock them. Please be sure that you lock the gate and door.

The gate is normally locked now other than when the clubhouse is staffed (sun am) or other members are already there shooting. If it is locked you can open it and leave it open while you are there. You need to lock it when you leave or if someone else has come verbally confirm they will lock it when they leave.

To lock the club house door when the door is unlocked you enter the code and then test the handle to see if the door still opens. If it does enter the code again and make sure the door locks.

To lock the gate you need to position the code (M followed by the door code) over the slot that says Master. Then push the lock to the locket position and hold it there while changing the dials so the code is no longer aligned. This will lock the gate lock. Please check to be sure you were successful. If not do it again. Also when you open or close the gate lock please be sure that you do not leave it set at the code.

Thank you

Wednesday Lunch Shoots

We generally have between 14 and 24 people, but not every one stays for lunch. We also don't know whats on the menu untill that very day. We encourage anyone interested in the club and our activities to visit then.

Example from 2/22/2012:

Today we had a nice fish lunch, provided by Winston Smith. This being Ash Wednesday he deemed it appropriate and just $2.00. Brownies for desert, you just can't beat it-eh. 18 shooters enjoyed the morning sunshine, but the targets proved elusive with the deep shadows on the field.

Changes in the proposed Constitution submitted at the 12/4/2013 MCL meeting.

UPDATE: These changes were voted on and approved by the membership at the January 8, 2014 meeting.

The changes in the proposed Constitution are in four areas.

  1. Clarification in the responsibilities of Officers and Directors
  2. Elimination of the Probationary class of membership.
  3. Change in the size of the quorum for meetings.
  4. The addition of Constitutional changes that were approved in the past, but never entered into the Constitution document.

Changes are shown in red. A light red line through red text means that is deleted text. Red text without a line through it is the new text.

Ron Stappenbeck

pdfRead the Constitution with proposed changes.

MCL 2014 Officers and Directors

mcl 2014