Welcome to the Mendon Conservation League!

Our club was formed by a group of local men looking for a place to shoot together. Founded in 1956 and formally incorporated in 1961, membership rose to 40. A modest club house was built around 1957 and expanded in 1986 with the addition of a large front porch. Formal shooting forms have been added to the skeet and trap fields. Today with a membership well over 250 and "espirit de corps" second to none, the Mendon Conservation League will continue to be one of the best clubs in the area.


MCL Hosting Inland Waters Trap league March 7, and 8, 2020

Mendon Conservation League will be hosting the Inland Waters Trap League on March 7 and 8, 2020.  We will need help from MCL members on the 6th, 7th and 8th to make this a success.  I have included a form below that you can use to identify where you can help.  I will post a copy of this form on the Soda Machine.  You can sign up on that copy or you can send me an email or text message indicating where you can help and I will add it to the sheet in the club house.

Thanks in advance for your help
Ron Stappenbeck

2020 Membership Renewals

Hello everyone! The holidays also bring us around to the annual renewal process.

Members who joined MCL late in 2019 still need to send in a renewal form even though they are paid through 2020.

Dues are due in January.  Dues not paid by the February meeting will have a $5.00 penalty added.

Please download and print this years renewal form. After filling it out, please mail it in or drop it off at a monthly meeting.

MCL 2020 Renewal Application Form

This is also going out in an eblast.


Web site changes

He re-hosted the MCL web site because the old provider closed down.

We are still fine tuning things, but all the content should be the same.

The eblast system has changed. Look for the subject prefix [MCL News] and the signature "We ask that members do not unsubscribe from these emails. Please contact Ron if you have a concern."

Since the IP and software has changed it may be in your junk/spam folders.


65 yard range metal shooting stand

A few weeks ago we found one of the white metal stands that we placed in the 65 yard range had holes shot in it. It was meant to be used with 1” x 2”s to hold up targets not to be a target. It was found stuck in the bank at the back of the 65 yard range. It appears someone used it to prop up a target and in the process shot holes in the stand.

Those stands are not meant to be targets and we do not appreciate someone shooting holes in the stands. Destroying club property is not acceptable!

Please think a little before you do something like that. Access the possible negative affect of your actions before, not after!

Thank you

Ron Stappenbeck

Hunting Reminders

Because Hunting Season is once again upon us I am sending this email to remind Mendon Conservation League Members to act appropriately and hunt safely.

Hunt safely and insure that any shots you take will impact the ground and not leave our property.

If you hit a deer on Mendon Conservation League property and it leaves our property, you must get permission from the other property owner to enter their property to try and find the deer.

When you hunt on Mendon Conservation League property it is your responsibility to insure that you do not cross over onto property belonging to our neighbors.

Hunting on Mendon Conservation League property is limited to Mendon Conservation League members and their children under the age of 18. It is not acceptable to invite guests to hunt on Mendon Conservation League property.

When you hunt on Mendon Conservation League property you must sign the hunter sheet posted on the soda machine.

Ron Stappenbeck, President Mendon Conservation League


2020 MCL Officer & Director Elections

Below are the current nominations. The membership will vote at the Nov 6 meeting.
There will be an opportunity for additional nominations prior to the vote.
The Board members start their terms on December 1 each year.  The officers start their terms on January 1 each year.
This set of Directors' serve 12/19 to 11/22.
Office Title Candidate CONTINUE/NEW
President Ron Stappenbeck Continue
Vice President Bob Merla Continue
Secretary Jeff Charles Continue
Treasurer Lou Page Continue
Office of Fish & Game Dave Keebler Continue
Quartermaster Mark Kempski Continue
Field Captain Gene Caccamise  Continue
Competitive Shooting open
Officer of Sportsman Ed. Dick Gatto Continue
Officer of Grounds Bob Howland Continue
Officer of the House Dave Kester Continue
Director (3) Tom Conroy Continue
Mike Buggie Continue
Jim McRae Continue
Nominations may be made now and up to just prior to the vote. Please contact Bob Merla if you have questions.
Anyone interested in being nominated for a MCL Officer or a MCL Director (3 Positions available ) can do so, by contacting Bob.   All we ask is "please be specific in what position, they are interested in" .
Please note that there are MCL Constitutional requirements that must be met - to be a Director.
The Election will be at our November 2019 General Business Meeting on November  6, 2019.
Bob Merla - Chair
Cell 585-329-4188


MCL 65 Yard Range Update

65 Yard Range Update 7/3/19

Our goal is to raise the level of the range all the way back to the hill and to increase the
height of the west side berm. That will take a lot of dirt and significant time. The end
result will be worth the effort and the short term inconvenience to shooters. Please be patient.

During this process we do not plan to open the 100 yard range to short range shooting. We
expect members to follow the current 100 yard range rules.

We are reopening the 65 yard range with the following stipulations.

  • We expect the range will be closed again when we receive more deliveries of dirt. I will provide updates via email and closed signs will be posted during times when work is occurring on the range.

  • The range will be open to short range shooting only. Any targets should be placed on the level where the new dirt exists. Targets should be at a height that bullets travel straight back to the back hill of the range. Bullets paths should not be elevated or bouncing off the new dirt level.

  • With the raised level of the range the hill that is the backstop will not be as high above the range level as it has been. Therefore extra care is necessary to be sure you are not shooting over the backstop hill.

  • Do not go over the bank created by the new dirt. Anyone going over the bank may not be visible to other shooters. Also the bank is unstable.

  • All shooting should be straight back toward the hill at the back of the range. Shooting at an angle across the range is not allowed.

We will appreciate your patience and support as we work to improve the 65 yard range.

Ron Stappenbeck, President MCL


MCL 2019 Officers and Directors



New skeet machines installed and available

The new skeet machines are now available for use. 

PLEASE do not use vertical oscillation on the skeet machines unless you are completely sure how to reset them for standard skeet.  If you are not then request that you be trained to do it properly.

Instructions for starting the skeet machines and turning them off are posted in both the low and high houses.


Wednesday Lunch Shoots

We generally have between 10 and 20 people, but not every one stays for lunch. We also don't know whats on the menu untill that very day. We encourage anyone interested in the club and our activities to visit then.

Example from 7/12/2017:

Today we had chicken and biscuits for $4.


NRA Membership Drive

Now that MCL is an NRA Associated Club, you can join or renew via the link below and the club will receive credit. Both the image and the text link take you to the NRA.



NRA Membership w/MCL code

The fee structure is NRA Membership Fees 2016

You will get a discount on NRA membership cost and MCL will get a commission if you renew your NRA membership through the MCL website or through our Treasurer.  The table with the discounts is shown below.  This table represents the new NRA prices that generally went into effect March 1, 2016, but do not go into affect for clubs until May 1, 2016.

There is an Icon with an eagle and Join NRA on it.  The current Icon only gives a discount for one year membership applications.  The Icon that will activate on May 1, 2016 will also give a discount on multi-year renewals.  You can save $5.00 for a one year renewal if you renew before May 1, 2016 using the current Icon.